Uncompromised quality standards. Rigid schedule requirements. Critical design applications. We meet, help define and exceed the most stringent industry standards. We assure complete dimensional conformance of essential thread characteristics. from assembly verification to safety-critical control systems

Johnson Gage systems are used for thread inspection methods between the simple pass/fail and accept/reject criterial to data driven process control that minimizes variation and regulates production consistency.  Johnson Gages are designed, engineered, manufactured and supplied to meet and exceed industry standards such as ASME B1 Screw Thread Standards, Aerospace standards SAE AS8879 and SAE AS5870, MIL Standards 1222 and 7742, NRC: 10CFR Codes and Standards NUREG-0800 and Numerous Individual Corporate Thread acceptability standards.

Technical Precision

The test of a threaded connection is field performance. Johnson Gage Thread Inspection Systems assure assembly and dimensional conformance by incorporating Functional and Pitch Diameter Size measurements. Our standards add confidence and integrity to the inspection process and product. 

Correct Specification

Customer satisfaction results from products that conform to strict industry standards. Our gages assure conformance to US and International Standards including ASME B1, ISO, DIN, FED-STD-H28/ System 21, 22, or 23, AS8879, MIL-S-8879, MIL-S-7742, MIL-S-1222. Our gage standards conform to automobile, aerospace, Government and Military applications. All Johnson Gages are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Design Versatility

All We design versatile gages from high volume inspection systems to adjustable systems that require versatility. We incorporate UN, UNJ, Metric, Metric J, ISO, Tapered Threads, Acme, and Buttress to assure thread profile and design versatility. System extensions provide inspection for runout, and concentricity. Analog and wireless digital indicators are available.

Process Control

Our data-centric systems simplify threaded product manufacturing. Initial set-up is optimized. Machine and tooling capability studies are achievable and to reduce costs. Thread process dimensional control maximizes machine and operator efficiencies. 

Cost Reduction

Statistical Process Control, often a contracted requirement, eliminates sort, scrap, rework, selective assembly, and rejection costs. Our systems simplify cost-saving. Our systems monitor machine/tooling performance, develop statistical profiles and reduce variability of threaded product. so dimensional characteristics and process relationships can be documented. 

Performance Efficiencies

Go/No-Go gaging is time consuming, and depends on constant maintenance/ calibration. Operator uncertainty and fatigue hinder Go/No-Go inspection reliability. The specificity of our gage readings eliminates random variations associated with go/no-go thread gages. Gage wear and inspection times are reduced to a fraction of go/no-go inspections. Our gages assure uniform results and delay calibration cycles.

Customer Focus

We provide comprehensive technical support of our gage systems from initial standards evaluations to on-site system installation. We conduct training programs and seminars to optimize gage use benefits and customer satisfaction. In-house calibration engenders gage investment confidence. We assist with complex engineering problems critical shipment needs and calibration program design. 

Leadership Experience

Johnson Gage has delivered quality and reliability for 75 years. We are the only manufacturer of Variable Thread Inspection Systems Our clients have our attention. understand your requirements and needs from Unified to Metric to NPT. We take our responsibility seriously. You can count on the Johnson Gage Company for correct thread inspection and total system support.

Quality Management

Our measurement standards are NIST-traceable and meet ASME and ISO standards.  Our systems/processes are ISO 17025 compliant. We are committed to continuous improvement.  

Standards Leadership

We champion the evolution of threaded product design specifications and standards.  We actively participate in the ASME Committee on Screw Thread Standards., Our technical staff promotes engineering clarity/ standard leadership accountability.