Johnson Gage American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Committee involvement:

ASME B1 Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TAS) – Member

ASME B1 SC 1 Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN and UNR Thread Form) – Member

ASME B1 SC 2 Gages and Gaging for Unified Inch Screw Threads – Member

ASME B1 SC 3 Screw Thread Systems for Dimensional Acceptability Acceptability – Member

ASME B1 SC 5 Acme Screw Thread – Member

ASME B1 SC 7 Nomenclature, Definitions, and Letter Symbols for Screw Threads – Chairman

ASME B1 SC 8 STUB ACME Screw Threads- Member

ASME B1 SC 9 Buttress Inch Screw Threads 7o/45o Form with 0,6 Pitch Basic Height– Chairman

ASME B1 SC 13 Metric Threads M Profile – Member

ASME B1 SC 20 Pipe Thread, General Purpose- Chairman

ASME B1 SC 25 Uncertainty Measurement – Member

ASME B1 Working Group Thread Calibration – Member

B1 Committee Liaison and contributing member to ASME B89 (Dimensional Metrology)

B1 Committee Liaison for FED-STD-H28

B1 Committee Liaison ISO/TC 20/SC 4

Screw Thread Committee Task Force Liaison with FAA for AS8879 and AS5870