Despite the easy justification for the procurement of Johnson Gage Thread Inspection Systems, sometimes time constraints, limited production, or the need for first-article verification precludes the immediate purchase of a System. In those circumstances, Johnson Gage can provide timely NIST-traceable Inspection Services for all your thread inspection applications either in its laboratory environment or on-site at your facility. All inspection services are governed by ISO 9001-2000 procedures, and are compliant with the inspection requirements of ASME B1.3 Systems 21, 22, or 23 as applicable. From simple thread dimensional verification to comprehensive consultation on the cause and effect of thread form verification, count on the expertise of Johnson Gage. Specific inspection requirements such as conformance to MIL-S-8879 or AS8879 are readily available. All inspection services include comprehensive documentation detailing actual part measurement and inspection status with regard to applicable dimensional standards or specifications.