Available in a wide variety of Bench or Portable, single size or adjustable designs. Readily adaptable for the measurement of UN, UNR, UNJ, Metric, MJ, Acme, Buttress, Tapered Threads, single and multiple starts and other thread forms. Johnson Gage Internal Inspection Systems are modular in design and configuration. Careful consideration of design ergonomics simplifies any inspection operation or procedure. While often procured as a complete inspection system, individual elements and components are always available to expand your inventory capability. All gaging elements are interchangeable among the various Bench and Portable configurations, further enhancing versatility and optimum use. Supplementary components for the inspection of runout and other thread related features are a simple extension of the basic system. System linearity and direct readout eliminates many of the requirements for special thread gaging.

Available with standard motion Analog indicators both bench and Portable thread inspection systems are fully compatible with a variety of Digital Electronic Indicators. Standard industry protocol simplifies the integration of the thread inspection systems with virtually any SPC/SQA data collection system. The simple addition of remote data collection adds System flexibility.