Johnson Gage External and Internal Indicating Thread Inspection Systems are available for the inspection and measurement of NPT, ANPT, NPTF, NGT, NPSM threads with consideration of design ergonomics to simplify any inspection operation or procedure.  External Thread Gages are offered to replace the traditional L1, L2, Six Step and Truncation Ring Gages.  Internal Thread Gages are offered to replace the traditional L1, L3, Six Step and truncation gages.

Available with standard motion Analog indicators both bench and Portable thread inspection systems are fully compatible with a variety of Digital Electronic Indicators.  Standard industry protocol simplifies the integration of the thread inspection systems with virtually any SPC/SQA data collection system.  The simple addition of remote data collection adds System flexibility.

EXTERNAL BENCH: Johnson Gage Bench Inspection Systems are guaranteed to significantly reduce many of the inherent costs associated with traditional thread inspection. A quick pivoting snap-action delivers instant objective results, minimizing both inspection time and operator fatigue. Gage wear is a fraction of GO/NOT GO Thread Ring gages.   Constant gage pressure and integral positive stops assure uniformity of results and eliminates operator influence in all inspection and calibration applications.  Innovative design and attention to critical details assure reliability and repeatability that exceed industry standards.

INTERNAL BENCH or PORTABLE: This enhancement of the original patented Johnson Gage design is essential to assure accuracy, reliability, and repeatability.  Equal and simultaneous constant force expansion from a centralized spindle allows oscillation of either Setting Master or product in any direction without altering System accuracy.  Careful consideration of design ergonomics and overall gage balance reduces fatigue and eases any inspection operation.  In-line indicator location allows easy indicator viewing regardless of gage position in either Bench or Portable application.


Click here for brochure: External and Internal NPT Thread Inspection System Series C3-FT/GJ-5T