All Johnson Gage Internal Inspection Systems are equally adaptable to both Bench and Portable inspection applications from .1900” – 2.500” (M5 through M65) for Functional Size, Pitch Diameter Size, and other thread inspection applications.  Available in either Single-Size or Adjustable configurations, all small diameter systems incorporate an internal Segment Flex Eliminator to maintain segment parallelism.  This enhancement of the original patented Johnson Gage design is essential to assure accuracy, reliability, and repeatability.  Equal and simultaneous constant force expansion from a centralized spindle allows oscillation of either Setting Master or product in any direction without altering System accuracy.  Careful consideration of design ergonomics and overall gage balance reduces fatigue and eases any inspection operation.  In-line indicator location allows easy indicator viewing regardless of gage position in either Bench or Portable application, all small diameter Internal Johnson Gages incorporate 180 degree Segment profiles into the basic design.  An innovative modification of the Series GJ Internal Thread Inspection systems, the series GJ6C Centrax unit orbits around its own axis in a circular ball=bearing raceway, simplifying the RFS (Regardless of feature size) inspection of Runout to the Pitch Cylinder axis.