Lightweight and compact, yet rugged enough for production, the Series GP Johnson Gage Internal Thread Inspection System is commonly used for applications from 1.75”-6.00” (M45 – M155). Equal and simultaneous constant force expansion from a centralized spindle allows oscillation of either Setting Master or product in any direction without altering System accuracy.  Careful consideration of design ergonomics and overall gage balance reduces fatigue and eases any inspection operation.  In-line indicator location allows easy indicator viewing regardless of gage position in either Bench or Portable application. The GP Series is available in either a fixed or adjustable mode while utilizing the 120 degree tri-rolls for Functional Diameter, Pitch Diameter, Minor Diameter and Major Diameter contact profiles.

Also designed for large diameter internal thread inspection is the GH series.  A true 120 degree contact inspection system the GH Series can easily accommodate either Full form segments, Full profile rolls, Pitch diameter rolls or many other gage element profiles.  Generally used for portable applications in a manufacturing environment the GH Series is balanced to reduce operator fatigue and simplify the inspection process.

In combination with the infinitely adjustable circle style DF Universal Setting Master, the GH Series is the basis for the industry’s most comprehensive Thread Inspection System from 4.00” through 20.00” (M100 – M510).  Set with standard NIST Traceable gage blocks the built in versatility of the System virtually guarantees instant inspection capability for those instances where excessive procurement cost of dedicated hard gaging, long lead times, or limited inspection capability eliminate the GO and NOT GO Thread Plugs from consideration.